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The Cheery Chum Squad

February 23, 2015

The past three months of this journey with GMCAC has been a great wild ride. I dare say a roller-coaster type filled with wacky twists and turns. But with its every bits and pieces, it has been worth the try.

GMCAC made an oath, that one day, on the nearest future, they will become the “friendliest gateway to your destination”. Thus, they have made attempts on trying to become the persona of cheeriness. It’s like a baby trying to achieve leaps even greater than of a giant’s.

“Start Here” they say, but in a much deeper sense, they are offering travelers a helping hand on their journey up ahead.

But one could not simply understand the humongous difference in the scale of efforts without looking at both past and present managements. For the past few years, far less efforts had been made by the previous handlers. Now that GMCAC has taken the throne, they’ve began to pump things up.

GMCAC took the path of beautification, inner and outer, body and soul. What do I mean by this? The body being the structure of the airport itself, from the tiniest to the immense ones, all embellished intricately exquisitely.

Another method, the soul, was by boosting up good relationships with travelers. From terminal customer relations to airport programs or promotions.

“Share the Light, Win a Flight” was one of it. A perfectly timed promo intended for winter season travelers. It’s a period that coincides with the longest celebrated festivity in the Philippines--Christmas. A lot of travelers land here, most of which are Overseas Filipino Workers who are eager to reach their homes and rejoice with their families. Several foreigners also arrive in Cebu for both leisure and holiday merriment. As these travelers set foot on this land, GMCAC together with its generous partners warmly welcomes them through a combination of holiday ambience, carols, and joyful gift-giving.

Various choirs from all over Cebu had their way of giving Christmas gifts to the travelers through serenading them with their angelic voices. Passengers also enjoyed some of the choirs’ cheerful performances.

With Cebu Pacific’s cooperation, a raffle promo was made possible, offering passengers a chance to win round trip tickets to Narita, Japan, and other destinations here in the Philippines.

Every step that GMCAC takes, makes them closer and closer to their ultimate goal.