La Bella (Pizza Bistro):
Loves to bring you quality pizza and home-made pasta, all done the traditional way closer to you!
Potato Corner
The World's Best Flavored Fries, Has a unique and amazing "to go snack" flavored fries!

Crave Burger
Craveburgers from 100% pure lean beef burgers. No shortcuts to quality, everything is made with the freshest ingredients with no extenders and always “cooked to order”.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts is the world's leading donuts, baked goods and coffee chain. To date, Dunkin' Donuts has truly become a part of Filipinos' lives. "You can't outgrow your love for Dunkin' Donuts".
Coined from the words ZUBU (Cebu's old name) and Cebu’s best delicacy, LECHON = ZUBUCHON. Try their version of a mouthwatering lechon.

Bo’s Coffee
Bo’s Coffee puts the spotlight on Philippine coffee. It is at their pursuit to deliver unparalleled hospitality and a complete “homegrown” experience to their patrons.

Tsim Sha Tsui (Dimsum and Tea Bar)
Is a new-age concept restaurant that serves light, healthy, and satisfying dimsum that goes perfectly with fine selection of teas, sodas or even mocktails.

Tablea Chocolate
A shop meant for nationalistic chocoholics. Serves chocolate variations made from Philippine-grown cacao beans.
The Tinder Box
Provides an impressive wine selection and great cheese platter. From food to customer service, it surely is a place worth the visit.
The Enclave (Cigarbar + Wine Lounge)
Satisfies your taste buds with a wide selection of HongKong cuisine.
Grilled Pita
Love both veggies and meat? You don’t have to choose one from the other, treat yourself a Grilled Pita taco.
Fraiche deli
Are you into fruit juice, smoothies and shakes? Fraiche deli serves one of the healthiest drinks bursting with vitamins.
Top n’ dog
A combination that will surely make you crave for more—sausage and peanuts galore.
Tubo Cane, Inc.
Aside from being a very refreshing drink, nothing’s more worth drinking for than our own tubo or sugarcane.
Café Cesario
Native decors and delicacies – chocolate, cappuccino and suman with mango, such a comfy place for travellers at the airport.