Mactan Cebu Airport offers an array of shops for travellers looking to bring home a piece of the islands.

Fiesta Retail Store
Pasalubong is the Filipino word for homecoming gift offered to loved ones waiting back home. IEIA offers an array of fine Cebuano delicacies folks back home would surely love.
Airport Pasalubong Center
For more gift-giving options, drop by the Airport Pasalubong Center. It’s got everything from guitars to shell crafts perfect for gift-giving.
Island Souvenirs
What better way to remember your travels by than with shirt that says it all? Island Souvenirs has a wide range of t-shirts and souvenir items that make for the best gift items and keepsakes.
Atin Ito Handicrafts
A unique market place for local handicrafts—from postcards to notepads to native buri hats, and everyday local objects crafted with great love.
Lulanbles Pasalubong Center
The Capital of Philippine Delicacies, the right place to visit for buying pasalubong.
D'Lindth Pasalubong Center
A shop that satisfies the desires of locals and tourists, from Cebu’s Finest Dried Mangoes, Dried Fish and many native delicacies.
Dundee’s Gift Shop
Looking for a shop that gives you a selection of gift-giving options, visit Dundee’s Gift Shop and Pasalubong Center.
IEIA's Pasalubong Center
An excellent source for local knickknacks and food items, the Fiesta Retail Store offers the traveler essentials without having to go outside the terminal.
Duty Free Shop
Enjoy premium shopping with some of the world’s most recognized brands. The airport duty-free shop provides excellent gift options for the international traveler and returning Overseas Filipino Workers.