Here at Mactan Cebu International Airport, travelers’ comfort and experience is guaranteed. Thus ensuring a great airport experience as a part of your trip.

Essential services and amenities such as currency exchange offices, luggage handling, mobile load stations and health services are here. To learn more about this, please read below.

FLASH Cargo Services
FLASH Cargo or Fast Loading and Safety Handling Cargo Services takes the needs of a global service into its own hands, offering the possibility to meet the Total Satisfaction and worry free.
I-Konnect Telecommunications
Ikonnect offers cell cards & load, computer services with internet access, photocopying, and scanning. You will also find anything from cellphones and accessories to toys and office supplies.
Ibales Luggage Handling
Ibales Luggage Depository provides service of short term luggage storage for the riding public at affordable prices. Arriving passengers can easily and safely deposit their luggage and pick it up at any time convenient for them.
Philippine Postal Corporation
PHLPOST, is a goverment-owned and controlled corporation responsible for proving postal services in the Philippines.
Therapeutic Massage
Travelers can pamper themselves with the services offered by our visually impaired kinsmen through massage therapy. Aside from health-related benefits, travelers can also give help in return to the PWDs.
Flamingo Rent-a-Car
Flamingo rent-a-car offers vehicle rental services, and assures complete safety upon its usage.
Friends Rent-a-Car
Provides travelers an easy access to car rentals and offers customers the best deals.
Watch n’ See
One of a traveler’s must-have is a wrist watch. If you don't have one, then you can go and check out some fashionable and durable watches at Watch n’ See.
Money Changer (Mactan Foreign Exchange, Cultus Money Changer)
Various money exchange services are available at MCIA to provide instant financial services for travelers.