backarrowGMCAC's official statement on the upcoming runway closure

July 26,2018

Mactan’s main runway is long overdue for resurfacing. In 2018, the problem was partially addressed by resurfacing 300 meters of each touch down area of the runway (2 areas) as these were the more distressed areas. This provided a temporary remedy until it was time to resurface the remaining central portion of the runway.

GMCAC, in its Unsolicited Proposal submission to MCIAA and DOTr, has proposed immediate construction of a full parallel emergency runway that could operate while the main runway is shut down for resurfacing. Going forward, this means that the airport will always have one available runway even if the other runway is closed for maintenance or due to an aircraft emergency.

GMCAC’s Unsolicited Proposal is still going through the approval stage. In the meantime, MCIAA proposes to resurface remaining central portion of the main runway. The closure period is subject to agreement with the airlines and GMCAC. It will balance sufficient time for works each night while minimum disruption to the airline schedule which will affect the riding public.

Should GMCAC’s Unsolicited Proposal be approved, then any works in the runway, including the interim resurfacing, will be carried out by GMCAC at GMCAC’s cost.

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