Two recent incidents occurred at Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) wherein two unrelated passengers on separate domestic flights received email notification of their positive COVID-19 test results while attempting to depart from MCIA. In these two instances, one was a passenger travelling to Manila with an onward international flight and the other was a passenger travelling domestically who wanted the benefit of having a negative test certificate for quarantine purposes. In both cases, the passengers knowingly attempted to depart on flights even when they knew they still had not received confirmation of their COVID-19 test results. These actions knowingly placed themselves and other people around them at risk.

We are openly sharing this information as part of our bid to ensure community transmission risks are minimised.

We strongly urge passengers to refrain from attempting to travel by air if their COVID-19 test result is still pending.

MCIA now has a mandatory check for each passenger prior to entering the check-in area. Passengers will be interviewed to confirm they are not awaiting COVID-19 test results for their trip. We advise passengers to arrive at the airport earlier to provide adequate time for these additional checks.

We ask for the cooperation of the travelling public to work with us to protect our whole community from the risks of transmission.