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Casual Dining

Filipino Delights

Aside from its commitment to using fresh local ingredients, what sets Filipino Delights apart is the way it reinvents the classic dishes we all know and love, serving up familiar flavors in exciting and creative ways. If you’re stumped about where to enjoy great food at the airport, you can never go wrong with great Filipino food here.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

La Bella Bistro

An intimate and elegant Italian café serving authentic and hearty dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Also serves traditional Illy coffee and Italian wine by the glass.

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Check-in

La Bella Express

The fast casual sibling of La Bella Bistro which offers pizza by the slice, sandwiches to go and pasta bowls for travelers who have less time on their hands but still want delicious and authentic Italian dishes.

Location: T1 Domestic Pre Departure

Lolo Pinoy Lechon de Cebu

Lechon is undoubtedly Cebu’s iconic dish. Tasting this local fare is a must for every visitor on the island. Among the best Lechon brands in the metro, Lolo Pinoy Lechon de Cebu gets the nod. Aside from their tasty Lechon, they offer a plethora of special Lechon dishes, such as Lechon Paksiw, Sinigang na Lechon, Pritchon and Lechon Sisig. The great news is you don’t have to order the whole roasted pig to try their Lechon! You can simply order by the kilo and have it to go.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

Nippon Ramen

Nippon Ramen offers quintessential Japanese comfort food including ramen noodle soup and rice bento boxes. The signature ramen broth is simmered for hours to develop a rich flavour, available with a range of toppings to cater for all tastes and food preferences.

Location: T1 Domestic Airport Village (Arrival),T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure,T2 International Pre-Departure


ZUBUCHON Lechon is about doing things the old fashioned way. We carefully select our pigs from locals who generally raise them in their back yards, not from large commercial piggeries. We use only the freshest and often home grown organic lemongrass, green onions, native peppers, local sea salt, and other herbs and spices. We use good olive oil. Before the pigs are roasted, we rub the skin with fresh coconut water then acupuncture it to make the skin crispy.Our lechons are packed by kilo, fresh and frozen, which is convenient as stocks for your home or as giveaways or "pasalubong".

We also serve a variety of quick meals to suit your palate, from soups to sandwiches to rice meals.

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Pre – Departure

Service ( Walk - In ) Hours Aerotel Beds Rate Philippine peso Rate USD Extended Hour Rate Philippine peso Extended Hour Rate USD
Solo + (6 hrs) 6 x1 Single Bed 2,200 42 520 10
Solo + (9 hrs) 9 x1 Single Bed 2,800 54 520 10
Double Plus + (6 hrs) 6 2 x Single 3,500 68 675 13
Double Plus + (9 hrs) 9 2 x Single 4,500 87 675 13
Service ( Walk - In ) Unit Price (PHP)
Shower (1 hr) 500
Private Nap & shower package (3 hrs) 1,500
Private Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 2,200
Private Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 2,800
Family Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 3,500
Family Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 4,500