Your rights as an Airline Passenger

Travel safe, arrive safe. Know your rights and responsibilities as an airline passenger. Below is a summary of your rights as Air Passenger:

  • 1. Right to be provided with accurate information before purchase
  • 2. Right to receive the full value of the service purchased
  • 3. Right to compensation
  • 4. Right to be Processed for Check-in
  • 5. Right to Sufficient Processing Time
  • 6. Right to Board Aircraft for the Purpose of Flight
  • 7. Right to Compensation and Amenities in Case of Cancellation of Flight
  • 8. Right to Compensation and Amenities in Case of Flight Delay and Exceptions Thereto.
  • 9. Right to Compensation for Delayed, Lost, and Damaged Baggage
  • 10. Right to Compensation in Case of Death or Bodily Injury of a Passenger
  • 11. Right to Immediate Payment of Compensation

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