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If you’re a Filipino citizen bound for abroad, you will be required to present your Philippine Passport (valid for the next 6 months) and Visa for the country you are travelling to, if applicable.

On March 14, 2014, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) issued this guideline for strict implementation:

No (Filipino) tourist will be allowed to leave the country unless he can show proof of financial capability to travel, proof of work and financial support from benefactors.

This is intended to deter undocumented Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs). It also aims to protect Filipinos from being victims of human traffickers.

Until further notice, it’s recommend you carry with you:

  • A credit card with a recent account balance
  • Enough cash in foreign currency because one is only allowed to carry PHP 10,000 in cash
  • An invitation that clearly states that all your travel and living costs will be paid
  • Or a legal work contract.

For further details and updated information, please visit:

If you’re a foreign national travelling to Cebu, you will be required to possess original and valid National Passport or any other internationally recognized travel document establishing your Nationality and Identity, bearing you photograph.


Telephone Number Tel. # (+6332) 345-6442
Fax: (+6332) 345-6441
Office Address 2nd Level J Centre Mall, A.S Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu 6014

For additional details and updated information.

Fees of Philippine Visa varies from country to country. It is advisable to check with the Philippine Embassy in the respective country for the applicable fee.

Foreigners are advised to ensure that they possess a valid Philippine Visa before they embark their journey to the Philippines. The Government of the Philippines currently allows "Visa on Arrival" for foreign nationals of few selected countries.

For further details and updated information, please visit

For Visa conversions and extensions to foreign nationals residing in the Philippines, the authority rests with the Bureau of Immigration.

Foreign Nationals can approach:

Bureau of Immigration-Cebu District Satellite Office

J Center Mall in Mandaue City

For further details and updated information, please visit

The travel tax is a levy imposed by the Philippine government on individuals who are leaving the country irrespective of the place where the air ticket is issued and the form or place of payment, as provided for by Presidential Decree (PD) 1183, as amended.

Who pays the Full Travel Tax?

  • Citizens of the Philippines
  • Taxable Foreign Passport Holders
  • Non-immigrant foreign passport holders who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one (1) year


  • Original Passport
  • Airline Ticket

Full Travel Tax Rates:

  • First Class Passenger: P2,700.00
  • Economy Class Passenger: P1,620.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQs for

The taxi bay is located outside the domestic arrival area.Yellow taxis are accredited by the airport and white taxis are not.

Travel time to the city takes around 40 minutes. Travel time to resorts in Mactan takes 15-20 minutes.

Walk to the hallway to your right after Customs (International Arrival)

Please proceed to the transfer desk between domestic and international arrival. Turn right after Customs and walk past the door.

Please report lost luggage to the airline representative.

International Terminal Fee is 850 pesos.

There are designated counters for terminal fee near check in counters both in the North Wing and South Wing.

Travel tax is 1,650 pesos. There are designated counters beside the terminal fee counters. Check your ticket if it is not yet included.

There are toilets in the Check-in area and Pre-Departure. The Customer Service Executive will assist you.

Kindly check the Flight Information Display System airline representative.