Registration Form for International Flight Passengers Arriving at Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Welcome to the registration page for international flight passengers bound for MCIA. Help us make your arrival experience faster and fuss-free by accurately filling out this page prior to your flight to Cebu.

User Guidelines

*Complete this form not earlier than five ( 5 ) days prior to your departure date. Upon completion of this form, you will receive your Travel Reference Number and Bar Code that you will need to present upon arrival. Please have your passport, ticket and hotel confirmation ready when filling up this form. Keep your boarding pass with you at all times.

Personal Information


Permanent Address:
Current Address:

Travel Information

Nearest Relative


Travel History and Health Declaration

Have you travelled by flight in the last 14 days?

Have you been sick in the past 30 days?

Address outside the Philippines (OFW and individuals with residence outside the Philippines)

Exposure History

History of Exposure to Known COVID-19 Case 14 days before the onset of signs and symptoms?

Have you been in a place with a known COVID-19 transmission 14 days before the onset of signs and symptoms?

For fill up of OWWA-7 upon arrival

Assistance Required

Thank you for submitting your details.

An email with your Travel Reference number and Unique Bar Code will be sent to your registered email ID within 10 minutes.

Do keep the bar code handy on arrival at Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Have a safe journey and we look forward to your arrival at Mactan-Cebu International Airport!